Update 07.01.2021

Update on the KeebStand:


After a Longer running Group buy than in the beginning anticipated, I have good News for all buyers of the KeebStand Solo and Duo!

I've managed to find a Manufacturer who does not have an MOQ but still offers me the same Price.

Which means the KeebStands are getting manufactured later this month. How things look as of right now, the production will be on schedule.



Update on the Deskmat:

As for the deskmats, I have bad news. The MOQ has not been reached and i didn't find a Manufacturer that offers a lower MOQ. 

Everyone that only bought a deskmat will receive a refund shortly.

If you bought a deskmat and Keestands, you will receive an email from us. Please have an eye out for that and answer it as soon as possible, thank you!


Since the deskmat had a lot of positive feedback in IC and GB phase I will try to bring it back. But this time with a big vendor.