Update 16.10.20

Small update on the KeebStand:

I'm making progress on the Metal hardware as well as on the Acryl. The metal rods will be made out of Aluminum and there will be two option: Silver and Black.

Received the Acryl Samples, Aluminum Spacer has been made and is on the way to Switzerland.
The designs have been altered to accommodate better for TKL and heavier boards. Acrylic colors that will be available are going to be: Translucent, Frosted and Smokey Black. Rubber feet have arrived. There also will be two options: semi translucent and Black. The black rubber feet have been ordered.


ATM I'm not able to pinpoint a price jet. I'm aiming for $20 to $25 for the Single Stand and $30 to $35 for the Double Stand.


I'm working with FedEx to provide you with the best price and fast shipping times during the Pandemic. The shipping with FedEx will be more expensive compared with shipping with the Swiss Post but there is the added benefit of tracking and guaranteed in time delivery even during the pandemic.


As you may have notice, my branding changed! From now on everything I design and produce will be made under the name keebit.studio! Website is still in the works and will be up for the upcoming group buy of the KeebStand.


Interest check is Live! 
Samples have been ordered!